I wish we could resume the TV show based on your life. You would have endless episodes, and they would be enormously helpful!

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I need help with exactly this.

My family and I have been exposed to chemicals under our flooring due to it being improperly installed in wet concrete.

The glue and other products with other chemicals such as crystalline silica are leaking through the surface.

We have rashes and I have breathing issues.

I went to urgent care twice to get help and we were gaslit to think it’s no big deal.

I have a one year old and a three year old.

I have called dozens of numbers and no one can help us. I am not stopping until they warn every family in these units of the potential risks. It’s not just me… it’s every unit on the bottom floor in six buildings and they’re refusing to offer financial help to move.

We are having to move closer to family out of state for help. We need help.

If you could e-mail me bloomingbythebrook@gmail.com

Or call 702 785 3614

We live in Post Falls, Idaho. But we are relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I don’t know any other way to get in touch.

But I’ll keep trying until I do.

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You are an amazing person; I can’t believe you’re still at it. We need a secular sainthood award 🥇 for you. I worked for the EPA analyzing hazardous waste sites for cleanup; it’s overwhelming the toxic landscape we live in. Your efforts to wake up and educate communities reminds me of Rachel Carson’s heroic efforts. Thank you ❤️

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Step it up, Erin! Pls like U should be in public authority chair ! No time to waste to prevent human extinction


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Stick IT & kick it!

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