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Amen. Specifically with water I believe we need to:

1. Invest in infrastructure. This includes connecting water to the Internet, which is our work at Tap building a software enabled water marketplace www.findtap.com

2. Demand action from politicians on what's in our water (you all do AMAZING advocacy work here)

3. Charge the real price of water. This is the opinion of the leading water economist, David Zetland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUSYN8T1CiQ. Water conservation PSA's are only going to get us so far. The people, and specifically corporations, must pay the real price of water and value it properly as our most precious resource. For those who immediately jump to the human right of water, which I fully agree, block pricing is the best implementation to ensure that water satisfies basic human needs while utilizing a price mechanism so that excess water is charged at a premium.

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Ms Brockovich, Please contact me at Lucy_Socha@yahoo.com I promise you'd like to know. No I'm not trying to sell you anything at all. TY

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