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In 1984 my grandmother looked out her kitchen window and said, “someday, people are going to have to pay for clean drinking water”. I’ll never forget how my own mother laughed and said, “why mother, that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard”.

My grandmother could see what was coming. Likewise, I see what we are doing in the ag and timber industry because I’ve been an active contributor for over four decades. Now, I’m actively trying to be part of the solution.

If we can’t change what we are doing (fertilization) we can at least change how we do it. I am beat, whipped, worn out and exhausted. But more than that, I am committed... Now is the time to make it happen. We haven’t come this far just to have come this far.

Erin, a strong kick in the ass would be helpful here... About three minutes worth would probably get my head straight again. Let me know if a quick call sometime while you’re waiting for your coffee maker to heat up would be doable.

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Hi Rex, Our elders hold the wisdom! Thanks for sharing that story about your grandmother and sending you lots of motivation to keep going. We need all hands together to help make a difference for us and future generations to come.

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