6 Women HEROES & moms taking action, care & share what we all CAN DO! #GlobalStrong

#1. Victoria Di Iorio; Designer & Activator w/ & for her family + WINNER of 1st ever ALA American Lung Association Award for BLDG State of the art "SAFE HOME" .... "State-of-the-art home showcases greener, safer living in suburbs...

NEWS by: Julie Unruh Posted: Jan 24, 2018 / 10:01 PM CST / Updated: Jan 25, 2018 / 05:51 AM CST This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INVERNESS, Ill. — A home builder partnered with the American Lung Association this week to unveil the first home in the United States that meets the non-profit’s guidelines for a safer, greener, cleaner and healthier home.

The 5,700 square feet, 5-bedroom home is located at 1055 Glencrest Drive in suburban Inverness, Ill., and is state-of-the-art, fully decorated and, they believe, better for you.

Owners of Healthy Home Initiative, Anthony Di Iorio, and his wife Victoria, fell into the healthy approach to home building out of necessity."...


#2. Cheryl Ciecko; Architect & Mold Survivor; w/ & for her family cares & shares BLDG Science + IAQ-Indoor Air Quality facts, tools & skills & is an expert Educator & Activator! Teaching people how to track down, detect, prevent & protect their health from contamination of MOLD expsoures & property damages from inside homes & BLDGS. FREE YOUTUBE VIDEOS + Offers Online BLDG workshops + Virtual Visit Consults! https://youtu.be/GIXnULFWqt0

3. Lee Ann Billings; Writer Educator & Activator! MOLD The War Within sold An Amazon Best Seller that has sold worldwide in over 59 countries.

Updated in 2018.

Includes interviews with top experts in science, medicine, and law that reveal the truth about the following:

Effects of mold & chemical exposures on human health

Methods of mold testing

Dangers of antifungal, antibiotic & steroid pharmaceuticals

Legal loopholes of mold cases

Healing with natural means

Authors Kurt and Lee Ann Billings began researching mold and chemical exposures after their family became seriously ill from mold and toxic exposures after Hurricane Katrina. The Billings expose the prevalence of fungal misdiagnoses and medical mistreatments while chronicling their family's frustrating, but ultimately successful, quest for effective treatment of mold and chemical exposures. They detail their months of research and trials and errors and share their inspirational journey of healing, what worked for them medically and nutritionally, what didn't and why.

MOLD: The War Within will enlighten every homeowner, renter, and employee, who is or could become sick from mold or chemical exposures from floods, hurricanes, sick buildings, and the ever-present environmental pollution that affects us all.... + ...

.... The Books That Give™ program is fast, fun and free! Raise funds for your favorite nonprofit organization while bringing joy to a child with the picture books in the Super Bouv Series.

Here’s how the program works. Each time a fiction book from the program is purchased from www.BooksThatGive.com through a partner support button, a 100% of the author’s proceeds as well as a portion of the publisher’s net profit from that sale go to support the receiving nonprofit organization. Whether an organization benefits children, veterans, rescue or service animals, or another deserving group, the Books That Give™ program enables nonprofits to raise the funds they need through supporter-based purchases. An added benefit of raising funds through product sales is that the product itself serves to https://booksthatgive.com/ The Super Bouv Series

Story by: Lee Ann Billings • Art by: Maegan Penley

A tiny pup named Ruby is a real-life super hero. She runs nearly as fast as a speeding bullet and leaps fairly tall buildings, but it’s her super sense of smell that makes her the Super Bouv. The only problem is that Ruby doesn’t realize she has this special talent. She thinks she is not good at anything after having one failure after another. As Ruby struggles to find her place in an unpredictable world, she finally realizes her full potential and has her biggest dream of all come true!

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Product Description

Book 1: Ruby and Her New Family

ISBN: 978-0-9721016-1-5

For ages: 3+ years

Reading level: Grades 2nd/3rd


Little Ruby enters the world facing the challenge of being the smallest puppy in the pack. After being left behind, she finally finds a home—but only for awhile.

Journey along as Ruby encounters failure and rejection to ultimately overcome her fears and discover the power of love.

Book 2: Ruby and Her New Home

ISBN: 978-0-9721016-2-2

For ages: 3+ years

Reading level: Grades 2nd/3rd

Description: Ruby bravely ventures off to her new home. As she crosses over the river and travels through the green hills, she has no idea where she is going—or the obstacles she will face.

Journey along as Ruby encounters surprises and solves a mystery that will protect her new family.

Book 3: Ruby and Her New Job

ISBN: 978-0-9721016-3-9

For ages: 3+ years

Reading level: Grades 2nd/3rd

Description: Ruby makes a difference in her new home, tackling chores with the vim and vigor and creating fun adventures! But as she takes on more responsibility, her helpfulness turns into canine capers–until she finds a new way to communicate with her family.

Journey along as Ruby puts her nose back into action and sniffs out a new job for herself! The Super Bouv Series is based on the story of a real-life service dog.

#4. 5. 6. Founders Marilee; Allison; Kelly; BRANCH BASICS work hard to produce a NON-TOXIC= NO-SICK "SAFE" Made in USA product that won't harm our health indoors as well as providing empowering & educationals facts + science so people can protect the health of their loved ones & pets inside any place of space w/ BDLG Science proven materials & methods.

This Is Marilee, At 23 Marilee avoided a kidney transplant using food as medicine.

Marilee Nelson standing with her son Douglas

Years later her 10 year-old son, Douglas, was chemically injured by pesticides and doctors said his brain and immune system damage was irreparable. Marilee refused to accept that diagnosis. She nursed him back to full health after removing all harmful products from his diet and environment.

Founder Allison Evans standing with Branch Basics bottles

This Is Allison, In high school Allison was diagnosed with PCOS and suffered chronic, mysterious pain through college. After years of seeing medical specialists and a laundry list of drugs, Allison was desperate for relief and turned to her Aunt Marilee in the Texas Hill Country.

Founders Allison and Marilee cooking... After two months at Marilee’s, eating only real food, using safe products, and staying in a healthy home, her life was transformed. Allison was free of pain and got her life back! Eventually her ovarian cysts disappeared, and she was able to get pregnant naturally...twice!

Founder Kelly Love with Branch Basics Concentrate

This Is Kelly, Allison’s best friend, Kelly, joined her for the summer at Marilee’s. Kelly was generally healthy, but by the end of the summer even “normal” complaints (painful menstrual cramps, dry eyes, headaches) completely disappeared.

Branch Basics founders eating lunch in Texas hill country

Kelly and Allison joined forces with Marilee to share the information that transformed their lives and make it accessible to everyone!"... https://branchbasics.com/pages/our-story

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FabUlous SHEroes! + CAN DO Special THANKS to Erin; Suzanne; Drew!!! Please help us/US share because here's honeslty more hard working people who care about our communities & families & provide CAN DO incentives to be active participants & owners of our health, homes & shcools tools by improving our well-being with BLDG SCIENCE & IAQ-Indoor Air Quality history & science = NON-TOXIC= NOT SICK proof positive "SAFE" products, methods & techniques. Join in & follow the leaders with these incredible group of 6 WOMEN who with open hearts, minds & arms honestly do everything they can to educate & empower ourselves for the health of it! BLDG HEALTH & HOMES BETTER TOGETHER! ALL 4; 1 = HumanKIND is AmeriCANs+ Loving; Living; Learning + Leading SolUtions + ER/EvolUtion + ResolUtions

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