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I really hope these cities don’t start using reverse osmosis water it is deadly according to the world health organization, I will not stop hoping that someone will research this it is very important if water becomes privatized this could happen. It would be trading one problem for another place read what the world health organization says about this water. Its in some of our food sodas and water I had my machine removed after my husband passed away from using this water and my dog and I became ill, I feel better since I no longer use this water I call companies to find out what type of water they use. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about different issues with our water problems in the United States .

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Thank you for continuing to talk about Jackson’s Water Problems. Locally it’s shifted from being a crisis. Now the local officials and news reports are reporting the pressure has been restored and it will be a matter of days not weeks before the boil water notice is lifted. Not many are talking about how it got to this point in the first place. It’s nice that the EPA is here talking to residents but in reality The EPA has known about the problems with the quality of water in Jackson and the issues at the treatment plant for years.


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I also wrote the India times my husband’s story is in more detail and it will live there it will not be removed no one should go through what my husband did, India also wants reverse osmosis machine’s band from their country. The world health organization calls this water dead water.

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