Power To The Advocates!

Love to see the people showing up and making these toxic corps sweat. Check out this great organizing work.

Chemours Wants To Expand. NC Advocates Showed Up to Say NO!

Chemours hosted a public information session yesterday about wanting to expand their toxic PFAS production in North Carolina.

Just look at the crowd that showed up!

NC residents can take action here.

A Big Win For “Cancer Alley” Residents

Louisiana community groups and environmental orgs scored a landmark victory against a massive petrochemical project last week, when a state district judge in Baton Rouge struck down the project’s air permit. The decision is a major blow to Formosa Plastics, whose proposed $9.4 billion complex in St. James Parish would have been one of largest plastic production facilities in the world.

Read the full story here.

Protest Outside The EPA Headquarters

On Tuesday, scientists, activists, firefighters, cancer survivors, and families from around the country showed up in D.C. to express outrage at the inadequate efforts of the EPA to regulate and remove cancer-causing chemicals from the environment. Organized by the SAFE Coalition, many of the organizers are moms whose children are sick and dying from environmental contamination.

Learn more here.

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