Lots of unanswered questions and the right hand still doesn't know what the left hand is doing!We are not trash that they can kick to the curb.we are people and this is OUR home.Would they live here??

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Was there not another way to handle the spill than dumping the vinyl chloride into the ground and setting it on fire?

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we're nameless and faceless to you, alan shaw, you may be able to sway some people with your phony attitude, but we all know you lose no sleep over us, which shows by your initial ACTIONS, not your later words- your company chose to lay rail over a site YOU contaminated, then you rolled over those tracks and right into other towns, you can pull your stock out and leave your company, but people in a 30 mile radius canNOT do that, our pleas fall on deaf ears, you showed congress with your facial reactions and body language that we're just an irritant to you, i hope you realize the legacy you leave behind for your children and grandchildren to deal with when people look at them on the street, you chose money over thousands of lives, both human and animal, may God have mercy on your soul, i was raised to pray for those who treat me as an enemy for it heaps ashes on their soul, if you choose not to answer to us:i wish you luck when God deals with you

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How much have U taken in your campaign from them? #AllOfUS

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Hey Build Back Betters, who wants to Make America Great Again? Nobody? Like really? I knew you would not vote for MAGA GAS CAR!

Ok, I am going solo!

I mean who wants to travel with me to Madagascar? Everybody? Wow, thank you for keeping me company!


After that we can go swimming with the fishes, wink, wink!


And if we get bored or survive the Godfather, an alien planet on Earth will host us, no worries. I mean Iceland.



And if we are too cold, we will go back to our original Safari to play with the big cats.


Is that ok with you, Build Back Betters? The point is we will not Make America Great Again, deal!

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