These things; cost of living for poor people, water issues,... these are not accidents! These things are all under the control of a few rich oligarchs telling politicians what to do. They could be fixed easily by those in power, but they don't do it.

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This is scary for Baltimore, as is situation in Jackson, MS. It's September....we've not been hit with a hurricane in the US this year that I recall (although we have had deadly monsoons, following drought from West Coast to East). We have a long way to go just to get through this Fall...and that's not counting Winter storms with potential flooding, which can wipe out water treatment plants. And the power grid infrastructure is in need of fixing: a separate issue, but it can affect treatment plants. I live in NC where we've had toxic algal blooms in some of our lakes, which happen to be water supplies (like Jordan Lake). We've also had issues with hog lagoon spills (NC is second only to Iowa in hog industry, and I believe we're first in turkey industry). I can't help but feel we're sitting on a huge mess, and it ain't gonna get fixed by itself.

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Dear Erin & Friends :-) , I am still waiting for the answer of a water-specialist & friend.

At the moment I have found this:

In Germany, among others, there is this company, which treats drinking water.

Here the Pdf:


It is a ready-to-use solution for injection into drinking water systems,

to disinfect them immediately and without interruption of operation and to remove the cause, biofouling (biofilm).

sustainably. Without biofouling (biofilm), contamination of the drinking water system through

legionella concentration is impossible.

(The text to the above link is in German)

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My heart goes out to them our political system is broken sadly the care more about lining their own pockets rather than help our country have clean water. They put bandages on a gaping hole.

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Sep 8, 2022·edited Sep 8, 2022

To Gerhard: thanks for your post. How may we get translation of the pdf link from German to English?

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