I been studying this after finding a plume is under the area I grew up

we were never told about this. I also found workers drank from contaminated wells at several Pratt Whitney locations. Any justice for those individuals?

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There was a case in Florida: https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/news/courts/2022/07/07/acreage-families-lawsuit-argue-pratt-whitney-caused-brain-cancer-cluster-south-florida/7822344001/

In any of this situations, it's about getting organized as a community, finding the right legal team, and being persistent. Sometimes, it takes decades for justice to be served.

In general, officials/corporations rarely if ever tells the community about these plumes. People find out because they get sick. It's just terrible.

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Smart Meters can limit abundant water resources and what better way than to dump water resources into the ocean or contaminate the resources to limit them? Fine corporations out of business of polluting and there will be more of what people need; organic food, clean drinking water, the dirt sky and waterways. Stop taking bribes. We see right through lies.

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