La Belle Verte The Green Beautiful Trailer (5:20 Min.)

318.866 Calls 14. Nov. 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bKI1puNaVY

Dear Friends & Patriots, ❤️

re-member: “the Best is yet to come “:

We are together the very Best! ;-)

We together start now an international Boycott ‼️

We can start very powerful with the Animal-Testing-Companies - to warm up!

Than we say a united Farewell to our Cell-Phone-Companies.

Televisions are put on the Street.

And now we continue to boycott Big Pharma and the GMO Food Industry.

We are now becoming more and more determined and creative and stop everything that no longer fits our beautiful Planet Earth.

Boycott is our closed Answer:

"After the industrial age, there were great Lawsuits and Boycotts.

All Manufacturers of Products that were harmful to Humans, Animals and Plants,

were found guilty of Genocide and Crimes against the Planet.

And these were the Food Industry, the Chemical Companies, the Arms, Tobacco and Alcohol Manufacturers, the pharmaceutical and nuclear Industries, the Car Manufacturers, the Architects, many Doctors and Politicians who allowed everything to happen in order to enrich themselves.

So something is coming together!


Everything that was hostile to Life was no longer bought and ended up in the Bulky Waste.

That was the Solution: no Buyers, no Production.

The Army and the Police could do nothing against this Boycott."

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Also.. changes coming: European Union’s imminent ban on glyphosate: Hormesis should be considered in new chemical screening and selection | SpringerLink https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11676-022-01474-5

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Have you seen this recent study - it is only a correlation, but it points to a very scary possibility. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-42860-0?fbclid=IwAR2zgYS3e-XB1y9BQ4d68NtafSXNn3fJVLBKJscwfQcg5XQRdJFkQ3sx8l0

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I’d like to offer some insight, Erin. Reach out if you would like to know exactly where the train leaves the tracks on this one.

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How do you about this? Had anyone tried? Intl Tribunal Court does have jurisdiction to extradite criminals from any country, including ppl fromEPA

From what the past had shown, even after successful suits against notorious chemicals producers, nothing had changed, in terms of their products continue to be on the shelves of the stores...

But if some of the top execs would be flown to Hague, it will be finally the solution...

This is my hypothesis and I have not had a chance to investigate details, since I am severely ill with Environmental Illness and have been unable to find Eco safe shelter since 2018, living in a car, after being Intl recognized as music educator and multidisciplinary scholar, focused on mental malfunction that causes ppl to commit self defeat, including environmental insanity

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The only way to explain why people are still using this stuff is that it damages the brain.

I have a Professional Bad Neighbor who seems to have destroyed his own acreage and family, leaving him free to focus on mine. He started to buy two acres directly downwind from my home and spray "Roundup" daily because I'd warned a laborer he and I have employed that glyphosate was making both the laborer and me sick, and had turned the laborer's property into a kudzu graveyard.

When this phase of a long-term harassment campaign began (this guy has been "running people off" their farms for years), I warned the laborer that the Bad Neighbor would be getting more poison than I, and is older, so I'd outlive him, however sick--and angry--I might be in the meantime. In detail, and loudly enough for the laborer to hear, which means the Bad Neighbor could probably hear too, I explained what the Bad Neighbor might recognize as the consequences of his using glyphosate to do deliberate harm to me.

Long story short, it's happening. I'm observing less of other petty harassment (like dumping unwanted animals, mostly rodents, around my house) because the Bad Neighbor is losing the night vision and energy that's allowed him to keep doing stupid teenager-type pranks past age 60. I'm seeing less of the Bad Neighbor. He was unable to pay for the two acres and sold them back to their original owner. He owns other land in the neighborhood but is not visiting it, nor is he selling his own products in the farmers' market. Some days he still goes into town. He looks dreadful.

So...he has one brother left, and a couple of young people, apparently a niece and nephew. The laborer came past my house recently, feeling sorry for himself because the Bad Neighbor wasn't paying him to work. I had nothing for him to do either. He said that the Bad Neighbor had told him that his heirs would carry on all his bad work.

And they are. Seeing what spraying poisons and other stupid uses of land (the Bad Neighbor gave up raising crops and took to raising hogs, years ago) have done for what's become the patriarch of their family, the 50yo brother and apparently 20yo niece and nephew are keeping up the spraying and other harassment.

They don't *look* especially stupid. They all have a peculiar twist of the face that strangers mistake for a smile until they realize it's a birth defect, but at school these people seemed to be intelligent. But once they start spraying "Roundup," whatever intelligence they once had is hard to see!

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Dear Ms. Conciseness, While US law had been made permissible for environmental crimes against humanity, have you thought of using INTL TRIBUNAL COURT IN HAGUE THAT EXTRADITES NOTORIOUS PERPETRATORS OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?

Incapacity to make right priorities led to false health and safety standards, created by Environmental Procrastination Agency. But how did we arrive to this environmental insanity among our leadership. What makes them fail to understand the indiscriminate nature of cumulative effect of toxicity that brought us onto the fast track towards HUMAN extinction crisis, resulting from forecasted by 60+ studies zero sperm by 2045?

Visionary book “12000 canaries can’t be wrong...” by Dr. Molot provides the evidence for mass sensory shutdown of the pain alarms that should indicate hazards, but no longer do for majority of population. This mass zombilization led population to widespread Sensory Complicity that is the root cause for such irrelevant prioritizing capacity and false health and safety standards. The time to sober up is NOW! Humanity deserves to sustain and can no longer afford such leadership!

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