I lived over there with my boyfriend, and he developed severe asthma while we were there. Are the citizens going to see any money from this?

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Reading this & honored & proud of & for all the courage & tenacity of Michelle & all our women & #HeroesInAction.

Tragically & sadly, the world has lost another AmeriCAN mom & hero in action, taking & making positive actions, our most treasured & dearly departed Ann Muniz. Ann is one of few people in our universe & life time to leave here on earth & ascend to heaven with her well-earned wings.

She fought multiple chemical companies poisoning private well water supplies in Downers Grove, ILLinois. Ann, together with her husband & family proceeded & rallied the community.

Their water was so bad they were instructed by the IEPA to leave the window in the bathroom open at all times because the toxic fumes were also being released every time, they turned on the water & just lying in the toilet.

They successfully won the 1st ever class action lawsuit involving multiple companies combining the trail in 1 collective lawsuit against all of the companies responsible for their water contamiNATION.

The way that Ann found out about their poison filled well contamiNATION was because another neighboring community had chemical poisons in their wells. One day the IEPA stopped by & offered to test their home for $50 to see if their water was safe. IEPA found chemicals that may be migrating from many miles away. Low & behold, truth was told & results were positive for contamiNATION. Companies actively & collectively dumping proven poisons into water supplies for decades.

These companies were also legally forced to pay medical bills for anyone who got sick with diseases & cancers linked to the as a result to the chemical exposures.

Insult to injury, in more ways than one. The polluting companies later started pointing the finger of blame at each other & sued each other saying, in a nut shell that the others involved in poisoning & contaminated water supplies & homes did it more than we did.... They all also got out of paying for people’s sickness & cancer too.

SOP of our failed system, these poison on purpose for profit companies always find ways out or around of doing what was deemed by the courts. They close or file bankruptcy or reopen in another name or sold or traded & continue doing the same. Or they just move to another location & continue & legally get permits to doing their worst to hurt to all of us/US. These polluters are given in effect a license to leak, leach, dump & spill = kill everyone & everything living downwind & downstream.

Why aren't they & we protecting all Americans drinking water sources? Call it beneficial reuse like toxic poison filled piles of coal ash to make mounds on golf courses. Pay to play thereby making deceitful & deadly decisions & polluting from that point of source on, poisoning our innocent children, country & our invaluable recourses.

There’s no honor in American businesses who are willing to intentionally endanger & willfully place kids, people, animals & communities in harm’s way & in peril for their personal, political & financial gains. Nobody wins except polluters or so that’s their thinking; but what’s in the water that they’re also continuing to be drinking?

To be honest, we'd all rather have Ann here than getting any "citizen of the year" award & letting her go way to soon & in a preventable tragic way. We're are being poisoned on purpose for profits. Migrating looms from the poison on purpose filled plumes of doom, effectively making people’s homes IRL sickening impeding tombs.

Ann is definitely 1 in a million but tragically 1 of very many millions all over our state & country intentionally harmed & by poison on purpose for profits industries. Capitalism at its worst refusing to protect our precious kids & their future & our country first. For all our kid’s sake, when will we stop their suffering & poison fate?

Dearest Ann; Your smile, laughter, courage, tenacity & willingness to always help people & animals everywhere & whenever with love, sincerity, dignity & grace always with your beautiful smiling loving face & you’re always there welcoming all of us with your sweetest reassuring embrace. There isn’t any regrets, always learning, helping & celebrating life.

We'll celebrate you every day in our hearts & ring your kind & LOL words in our ears for the rest of our earthly living years.

Until were together again, Ann, Angel Ascending; wife, mother, sister, daughter, auntie, animal & all humankind's best friend & then….

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