As someone who has been personally impacted by PFAS, I honestly cannot put much faith in the U.S. EPA to do anything quickly, if at all. For the EPA to state PFAS is, "...an urgent public health and environmental issue", that's a joke. PFAS has plagued society for over 50-years in America. PFAS has polluted ground and drinking water sources on, or near, more than 700 military installations in America. Over 100,000 military firefighters have been impacted by PFAS because unknown to them, the firefighting foam they were using contained PFAS. They were never told Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) was toxic despite Department of Defense (DoD) personnel knowing it was, considered toxic by their own studies and reports directly from 3M. In fact, the DoD told military firefighters AFFF was "just soap and water".

How much longer do affected individuals of PFAS contamination have to wait for real action by the EPA? How many more innocent lives must we watch become sick and die due to PFAS exposure while those who, with a simple stroke of a pen or a click of a computer mouse, could make a change today but rather, choose to wait years. How many independent contractors funded by the federal government "researching and testing for PFAS" will get rich while those in the areas being "researched" continue to drink polluted water or watch their livestock die from PFAS? I'm certain those who have the power to make change aren't drinking polluted water or watching their loved ones wither away because of PFAS.

The time is NOW to make a change, not tomorrow, not next week, not in 2024, it's TODAY!

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