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Rights protections are the solution to pollution. Visit Floridarighttocleanwater.org to see how a grassroots Florida nonprofit is leading the nation to create the first ever legal constitutional right to clean water for all citizens. Erin - your help to bring awareness to this campaign would be greatly appreciated. Collecting 900K signatures is a gargantuan effort.

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Thanks for this report. Also in California, you might be interested in this issue about toxic water and a cancer cluster at a military base near Monterey: https://bit.ly/3g5jtQO

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WTH Erin. What about the toxic plastic they are actually implanting and poisoning women with. You helped the women in Australia, but what about the women here in America. I have reached out to you about the TVT polypropylene mesh for ten years with no response. My trial is active now and I am still sick. Why won’t you at least contact me?

I really need help. Big Pharma is buying all the independent labs and I can’t find one that hasn’t been compromised to test my toxic explanted mesh that’s been on ice for 10 years.

I am desperate. I need a miracle. Ethicon and the others have been in malfeasance for years with that stupid 510(k) that doesn’t consider chemicals a change in products. I can’t find any biocompatibility tests done on any mesh products.

Please, please, please contact me. If you are not able to help, perhaps you can point me in the right direction. Hope_pagano@yahoo.com

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