9 Steps You Can Take in a Water Crisis

Think your drinking water might be toxic? Let's review your action plan.

Hi friends,

Here’s a primer from my book to give you some simple actions to start when you have discovered a water problem in your community. These steps are based on years and years of working with people who are in the trenches.

The first step to solve a water issue (and any problem, really) is admitting you have a problem. Once you have identified a crisis in your town, consider that your invitation to get involved. You would be surprised how just a few dedicated citizens in one town can make a huge difference.

Next steps are 2) knowing and reclaiming your power, 3) getting curious and gathering data, and then 4) working to separate fact from fiction (and deception).

Now, it’s time to get loud. Rally support in your community, whether that’s knocking on doors or hosting a virtual meeting. You may need to start a petition, engage your local media, make signs, and more to garner support for the cause. You may also need to protect yourself by securing an alternative water source.

Finally, and I can’t emphasis this enough, keep going! Continue to work with elected officials, get more folks from your community involved, keep the lines of communication open, keep asking questions, and take on a never-give-up attitude.

Not matter what happens or how long it takes to enact change, honor your journey and the courage and effort it took to speak up. Keep putting attention on the message of clean water and remember how many people will benefit from your continued effort.

You can also report issues at my Community Healthbook, which allows individuals and community groups to report and review health-related concerns and local environmental issues by geographic area and health-related topic.